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Showing your home

We recommended that your home be ready to show at all times. Some sellers are able to keep their homes in show condition at all times while others need at least twenty-four hours to prepare for a showing. 

We realize that you are still living in your home and will need time to tidy up a bit before each showing. You'll be given as much notice as you require before allowing a prospective buyer to visit your home.

How agents show your home
Agents who wish to show your home will call us to schedule an appointment. We will then contact you to arrange a time that is suitable for both you and the prospect. You'll need to be flexible. The more difficult you make it for agents to schedule visits, the less likely they will show your property. Many buyers can't look at your home until after work in the evenings, so try to be patient and accommodating. 

You won't need to stay home to answer the door. Agents have a keypad that opens a lock
box attached to your door or other convenient location. When a code is entered, a house key is ejected from the box. The lock box allows easy access for the Realtors and will result in a higher volume of showings.

Agents will not show you home without notice
This should never happen. An agent wishing to show your home will call us to schedule an appointment. It is possible that an agent may stop at your home while showing other homes
in the area. Ask for his card and contact us immediately.

If a stranger asks to see your home
We recommend that you not show your home to a prospect who stops by unaccompanied by
a real estate agent. Ask for the prospect's name and phone number and give us a call. We'll talk to the prospect so you don't waste time showing your home to someone who is not qualified to purchase it.



 How to "stage" your home just prior to a showing


Turn on all the lights
Even during the day. You want to display a bright, well lit home not a dull, gray home full of dark shadows. 
Also, the prospective buyer will be unfamiliar with your home and may not be able to find the switches or strings that turn on the lights.
Open the drapes
You want sunshine and daylight to help sell your home. Close them in the evening.
Turn off the television
...and the radio, and stereo. You don't want buyers distracted from looking at your home or offended by
your choice of entertainment. Soft, easy listening music is alright.
If you have a fireplace
You donít need to build a fire in the fireplace, just make sure itís clean.
Pets should be contained or taken somewhere else during a showing. Some people are allergic to,
or afraid of animals.
Straighten things up
Put away the dinner dishes and pick up newspapers and the children's toys.
Clean-up the kitchen and bathrooms
Buyers take a hard look at these areas and make quick decisions base on what they see.
Make the beds
Can buyers be that fussy? No, but unmade beds make buyers feel as if they're intruding on someone's privacy so they won't take a good look at the room. When they leave they will not remember anything positive about the bedroom.
The home needs to smell fresh and clean
Fresh air, flowers, potpourri, candles or freshly baked bread is a great way to give your home an inviting aroma. Do not use heavily scented deodorants or mix scents. This will give both smell too pungent and give the impression you're covering something up.
Don't smoke in the house
The number of smokers is declining rapidly. Buyers who donít smoke will have a negative reaction as soon as they sense the smell of stall tobacco smoke.
Avoid cooking with heavy spices
The Buyer hasn't been invited to diner so that's why he' there. Garlic, cabbage, onions or pungent spices that smell throughout the home may be in conflict with the Buyer's diet and leave him with a negative feeling about the home.
Leave the home while it is being shown
The presence of the owner will make buyers uneasy. They'll also feel that they are inconveniencing you and will hurry through your home. If you must remain in the home, stay out of their way by moving to an area that has already been visited.


The prospective buyer and the agent are unfamiliar with your home.
Be sure to correct any unsafe condition.


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