Wells, Septic Systems and Groundwater
Water and Wells
Bad Bugs 
Common waterborne pathogens found in groundwater that can cause sickness to humans.
Drinking Water From Household Wells 
This pamphlet provides general information about drinking water from home wells (also considered private
drinking water sources). It describes types of activities that can create threats to a water supply, describes problems to look for and offers maintenance suggestions.
Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management
Information about protecting our regional water supply by being careful to not pollute the storm drains with lawn chemicals, car washing soaps, motor oil, and pet waste.
Groundwater Basics 
Groundwater is a natural resource that is used for drinking, recreation, industry, and irrigation. What is poured on the ground today can end up in our drinking water many years later.
Lead in Water Supply Pipes 
Lead-contaminated drinking water is most often a problem in homes that are either very old or very new.
This article addresses issues regarding lead pipes and lead in the drinking water.
Reverse Osmosis for Home Treatment of Drinking Water
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is becoming a common treatment method for treating water quality problems in the home.
Septic Systems
Buying or Selling a Home?  What to find out about your water and septic systems
This bulletin is designed to help prospective home buyers and sellers understand how to evaluate their water and septic systems as part of the transaction process.
Keeping Your Septic System F.I.T 
Find it, Inspect it, Take care of it. Most homeowners either forget, or don't know how to care for their septic systems. Instructional brochure from the State of Washington on caring for the system.
Sensible Septic Tank Car 
The septic tank is part of a complex chemical, physical and biological system.  For the system to work at top efficiency, all of these processes must function smoothly.  Included on the last page is a list of septic do's and don'ts which will help prevent major upsets to your septic system. From Arm & Hammer.
Septic System Check List and Maintenance Record  
Designed to remind the homeowner to regularly check and maintain his septic system.
Septic Systems on Shoreline Properties
A septic systems for a home located on a shoreline property requires more care and work than maintaining a similar system located in other places. That's because soil and water conditions near the shoreline may make the system less efficient in treating waste, which could, in turn, cause harmful pollutants to get into a lake, stream or pond.
Septic Tank System - What it is and how it works
Over 25% of American homes have a septic system, yet not everyone knows how they work or how to maintain them.
What to do if your Septic System Fails
Discovering that your septic system has failed is a miserable experience. This bulletin is designed to help you recognize this problem, determine what to do if it happens and, most importantly, learn how to prevent it.