Household Cleaning
Everyone's home, except your mother's, needs constant cleaning.
Stain Guide for Carpets
Care, maintenance and spot cleaning of a large number of common stains. From Wear-dated.
Pet Stains
Owners of even the best-trained pets will occasionally encounter pet accidents. Often, the urine is not discovered until long after the accident. This one sheet guide will help solve the problem.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda - My Home
Today's consumers appreciate that ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda is an effective, yet gentle cleaner and a real alternative to using harsh chemicals - which makes it great for use around food, pets and kids!  A multitude of uses for Baking Soda around the home. Check out the Free Stuff downloads.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Booklet - Purely Versatile
A complete guide to cleaning, deodorizing, health care and baking with Arm & Hammer baking soda.
Art and Science of Bubbles
Bubble fun for children. From the Soap and Detergent Association.
Care of Hard Surfaces
How to clean and care for every type of hard surface in the home. From the Soap and Detergent Association.
Clean and Save in the 21st Century
The facts about using household cleaning products effectively and safely. From the Soap and Detergent Association.
Cleaning 101
An excellent source of cleaning information for just about everything around the home. Provided by the Soap and Detergent Association.
Cleaner Choices - Environmentally Safe Alternative Cleaners 
There are an estimated 27,000 hazardous materials, such as paint products, cleaning compounds, pesticides, and hobby products available at retail stores for use in and around the home.  This booklet is designed to help identify hazardous products  read labels, understand “signals words,” minimize hazardous waste, properly dispose of hazardous waste, encourage recycling of specific materials and provide, inexpensive, non-toxic alternatives to many of these products.
Cleaning Products - Safe Use 
Most cleaning products are sold without much information for the user, although many contain quite toxic substances. Exposure to toxic substances can cause harm to health if they come in contact with the skin, get in the eyes, are swallowed or breathed in. This guide describes the toxins present in a variety of common household cleaners.

Chlorinated Cleaning Products
How to properly use Chlorinated Cleaners (bleach) in the home.

Household Cleaning Problems....Causes, Solutions, Preventive Measures
Chart showing common cleaning problem and explanations for their cure. From the Soap and Detergent Association.

Laundry and Dishwashing
Dishwashing Facts 
Dishwashing is probably subject to more variables than any other household clean-up job. This handy booklet covers everything a person would ever need to know about dishwashing.  From the Soap and Detergent Association.
High Efficiency Washers and Detergents 
Compared to traditional washers, HE washers work in a completely different way. As a result, the detergents used in HE washers need to work differently, too. From the Soap and Detergent Association.
Laundry Detergents - Cleaning Advice from the Experts  
Because of the ever-changing world of laundry detergents, consumers will find an array of choices available. Some of today’s choices include: general-purpose, combination and High Efficiency detergents. This fact sheet helps your client stay up-to-date on laundry detergents and their proper use!  From the Soap and Detergent Association.
Laundry - Soil and Stain Removers  
Products used to treat heavily-soiled and stained areas before and during the wash cycle. 
From the Soap and Detergent Association.