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Expert advice on home cleaning, repair, maintenance, warranties, inspection, repair costs, hiring professionals, lawn care, pests, disaster and restoration. Contains an incredible amount of information for homeowners. Sponsored by Servicemaster.
Care and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Windows and Doors
Like any surface exposed to outside elements, your vinyl windows or doors will get dirty from time to time, but cleaning them is a snap. Often, heavy rains will wash the vinyl clean, but if the rain isn't enough, you can restore the splendor of the windows or doors by following these simple instructions.
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ome Tips is your huge resource for expert help with home improvement, remodeling houses, home repair, decorating, DIY, and tips for buying appliances and other home repair products. A lot of depth on this site.
Home Problem Solver by Home Tips
Pinpoint the causes and determine the easiest fixes for hundreds of common home problems.
Life Expectancy of Common House Components 
How long household components and systems should last. Developed for the National Association of Home Builders and is based on a survey of manufacturers, trade associations and product researchers.
The Money Pit
Great information from the a popular radio talk show for homeowners.