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.The Benefits of Working with a Buyer Agent
  A Buyer's agent is your best Real Estate "deal", because a Buyer's Agent doesn't cost you anything!

Looking for a home seems fairly easy. You drive around neighborhoods, visit Sunday open houses, and search Realtor web sites to view online visual tours. These are things you can do without the assistance of a Realtor.

Things becomes more complex when you become serious about purchasing a home. Now you'll have questions about financing, neighborhoods, resale value, school districts, taxes, utilities, inspections, disclosures, contracts, negotiations, closings, "is the home is priced correctly" and "how much you should offer for the home".

Now you'll be wanting good advice from a real estate professional. Someone who knows the Greater Lansing real estate market and can provide you with the answers that will help you make a wise buying decision. 

What will change when I work with a buyer's agent?
The entire "home search" process will change. You won't need to make appointments with individual Realtors to look at homes because your buyer's agent will make arrangements for every home you'd like to visit. Rather than trying to sell you on the good points of the home you're looking at, a buyer's agent will help you discover the negative features of the home.

Best of all, you will have a Professional Realtor working exclusively for you! Because a buyer's agent is working for you and not the seller, he or she will look more diligently for a home for you. The buyer's agent is not interested in pushing a particular house or neighborhood and will inclined to show you possibilities you never thought to consider. 

How much will this cost?
You will not be charged for services. Even though a buyer agent is representing you
and working on your behalf, the seller will pay the fees. You’ll pay nothing!

The realtor who has listed a home for sale in the Lansing area receives a commission from the seller and has agreed to share one-half of that commission with the agent who sells the property. This method of sharing the commission allows the buyer to work with a Buyer's Agent without paying a fee for these services.   

A Buyer's Agent can help locate the right homes
We'll search the Multiple Listing Service for homes that meet your specific criteria, not just homes listed by The Lawton Group, but homes from every Lansing area realty company. 

How does this differ from what you're currently doing yourself?  Not all Realty companies allow their listings to appear on the various Realty websites and others don't post the addresses - hoping you'll call them for further information. We'll find those homes. More important, each listing will be carefully screened and we will Email only those that appear to meet your needs. We know the neighborhoods and will avoid sending you junk.

Counsel and Advice
What is good, professional advice worth to you? Buyer's generally select a home based upon emotion. This is why a carefully "staged" home look like it’s been chosen to appear in House Beautiful magazine. We don’t become emotionally involved with a home, so we’ll look past the "staging" and keep you focused on your goals.

When showing homes, we'll advise you about any negative factors as well as the positive points of each property. While your walking through the home to see if you'd like to live there, we'll be checking the foundation, roof, heating system and appliances to see if there will be any major expenses to be concerned about. 

Offer, Negotiation and Details
When you find a home that you would like to purchase, we’ll provide you with comparable sales data and help you decide on a proper offering price. It will be our job to structure the offer to help you win the home, and then to negotiate on your behalf throughout the entire transaction. 

After you and the seller have agreed on price and terms we will schedule all appropriate inspections. Should problems arise as a result of the inspections, we will act as your advocate in resolving these problems.

A lot has to happen between signing the purchase offer and moving into the home! We'll attend to all the closing details and keep you in touch about the transaction...each step of the way.

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